Think you know everything about minecraft? Well think again here is 25 things you [probably] didn’t know about minecraft!


  1. The average amount of diamonds per chunk is about 3
  2. The average amount of gold per chunk is about 5
  3. Steve is about 6 feet and 1 inches tall
  4. It is impossible to hit a endermen with a projectile they will immediately teleport to another block
  5. Cake and slabs on top of ice will still give the sliding effect
  6. Right clicking a mushroom with a bowl will give you mushroom soup.
  7. Walking into a burning zombie has a chance to set you on fire.
  8. Squids, Ocelots, and Bats are the only passive mobs that despawn.
  9. The term “mob” is short for the word mobile in minecraft.
  10. The looting enchantment does not affect iron golems.
  11. Rabbits will not jump on a slime block.
  12. If you rename the Killer Bunny to toast its texture will change, but it will still be hostile.
  13. If a mob is named Dinnerbone it will appear upside down.
  14. If a mob is named Grumm it will appear upside down.
  15. Nether portals can be built bigger than the normal 4×5 obsidian block.
  16. If you try to put a bed down in the nether and sleep in it, it will explode.
  17. The explosion from the bed is stronger than TNT.
  18. Pressing F3+B will show hit boxes for entities.
  19. Lightning striking a pig will turn it into a pigman
  20. Lightning striking a creeper will turn it into a charged creeper.
  21. Swords break cobweb faster than by hand.
  22. Sugarcane was originally called Reeds.
  23. Chickens lay eggs every 5 to 10 minutes.
  24. Juke boxes are not flammable
  25. Juke boxes can be used a furnace fuel